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// Copyright 2020 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package frontend
import (
// MainDetails contains data needed to render the unit template.
type MainDetails struct {
// Directories are packages and nested modules relative to the path for the
// unit.
Directories []*Directory
// Licenses contains license metadata used in the header.
Licenses []LicenseMetadata
// NumImports is the number of imports for the package.
NumImports string
// CommitTime is time that this version was published, or the time that
// has elapsed since this version was committed if it was done so recently.
CommitTime string
// Readme is the rendered readme HTML.
Readme safehtml.HTML
// ReadmeOutline is a collection of headings from the readme file
// used to render the readme outline in the sidebar.
ReadmeOutline []*Heading
// ReadmeLinks are from the "Links" section of this unit's readme file, and
// are displayed on the right sidebar.
ReadmeLinks []link
// DocLinks are from the "Links" section of the Go package documentation,
// and are displayed on the right sidebar.
DocLinks []link
// ModuleReadmeLinks are from the "Links" section of this unit's module, if
// the unit is not itself a module. They are displayed on the right sidebar.
// See
ModuleReadmeLinks []link
// ImportedByCount is the number of packages that import this path.
// When the count is > limit it will read as 'limit+'. This field
// is not supported when using a datasource proxy.
ImportedByCount string
DocBody safehtml.HTML
DocOutline safehtml.HTML
MobileOutline safehtml.HTML
IsPackage bool
// DocSynopsis is used as the content for the <meta name="Description">
// tag on the main unit page.
DocSynopsis string
// GOOS and GOARCH are the build context for the doc.
// BuildContexts holds the values for build contexts available for the doc.
BuildContexts []internal.BuildContext
// SourceFiles contains .go files for the package.
SourceFiles []*File
// RepositoryURL is the URL to the repository containing the package.
RepositoryURL string
// SourceURL is the URL to the source of the package.
SourceURL string
// ExpandReadme is holds the expandable readme state.
ExpandReadme bool
// ModFileURL is an URL to the mod file.
ModFileURL string
// IsTaggedVersion is true if the version is not a psuedorelease.
IsTaggedVersion bool
// IsStableVersion is true if the major version is v1 or greater.
IsStableVersion bool
// File is a source file for a package.
type File struct {
Name string
URL string
func fetchMainDetails(ctx context.Context, ds internal.DataSource, um *internal.UnitMeta,
requestedVersion string, expandReadme bool, bc internal.BuildContext) (_ *MainDetails, err error) {
defer stats.Elapsed(ctx, "fetchMainDetails")()
unit, err := ds.GetUnit(ctx, um, internal.WithMain, bc)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
subdirectories := getSubdirectories(um, unit.Subdirectories, requestedVersion)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
nestedModules, err := getNestedModules(ctx, ds, um, subdirectories)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
readme, err := readmeContent(ctx, unit)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
var (
docParts = &dochtml.Parts{}
docLinks, modLinks []link
files []*File
synopsis string
goos, goarch string
buildContexts []internal.BuildContext
unit.Documentation = cleanDocumentation(unit.Documentation)
// There should be at most one Documentation.
var doc *internal.Documentation
if len(unit.Documentation) > 0 {
doc = unit.Documentation[0]
if doc != nil {
synopsis = doc.Synopsis
goos = doc.GOOS
goarch = doc.GOARCH
buildContexts = unit.BuildContexts
end := stats.Elapsed(ctx, "DecodePackage")
docPkg, err := godoc.DecodePackage(doc.Source)
if err != nil {
if errors.Is(err, godoc.ErrInvalidEncodingType) {
// Instead of returning a 500, return a 404 so the user can
// reprocess the documentation.
log.Errorf(ctx, "fetchMainDetails(%q, %q, %q): %v", um.Path, um.ModulePath, um.Version, err)
return nil, serrors.ErrUnitNotFoundWithoutFetch
return nil, err
docParts, err = getHTML(ctx, unit, docPkg, unit.SymbolHistory, bc)
// If err is ErrTooLarge, then docBody will have an appropriate message.
if err != nil && !errors.Is(err, dochtml.ErrTooLarge) {
return nil, err
for _, l := range docParts.Links {
docLinks = append(docLinks, link{Href: l.Href, Body: l.Text})
end = stats.Elapsed(ctx, "sourceFiles")
files = sourceFiles(unit, docPkg)
// If the unit is not a module, fetch the module readme to extract its
// links.
// In the unlikely event that the module is redistributable but the unit is
// not, we will not show the module links on the unit page.
if unit.Path != unit.ModulePath && unit.IsRedistributable {
modReadme, err := ds.GetModuleReadme(ctx, unit.ModulePath, unit.Version)
if err != nil && !errors.Is(err, derrors.NotFound) {
return nil, err
if err == nil {
rm, err := processReadme(ctx, modReadme, um.SourceInfo)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
modLinks = rm.Links
versionType, err := version.ParseType(um.Version)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
isTaggedVersion := versionType != version.TypePseudo
isStableVersion := semver.Major(um.Version) != "v0" && versionType == version.TypeRelease
pr := message.NewPrinter(language.English)
return &MainDetails{
ExpandReadme: expandReadme,
Directories: unitDirectories(append(subdirectories, nestedModules...)),
Licenses: transformLicenseMetadata(um.Licenses),
CommitTime: absoluteTime(um.CommitTime),
Readme: readme.HTML,
ReadmeOutline: readme.Outline,
ReadmeLinks: readme.Links,
DocLinks: docLinks,
ModuleReadmeLinks: modLinks,
DocOutline: docParts.Outline,
DocBody: docParts.Body,
DocSynopsis: synopsis,
GOOS: goos,
GOARCH: goarch,
BuildContexts: buildContexts,
SourceFiles: files,
RepositoryURL: um.SourceInfo.RepoURL(),
SourceURL: um.SourceInfo.DirectoryURL(internal.Suffix(um.Path, um.ModulePath)),
MobileOutline: docParts.MobileOutline,
NumImports: pr.Sprint(unit.NumImports),
ImportedByCount: pr.Sprint(unit.NumImportedBy),
IsPackage: unit.IsPackage(),
ModFileURL: um.SourceInfo.ModuleURL() + "/go.mod",
IsTaggedVersion: isTaggedVersion,
IsStableVersion: isStableVersion,
}, nil
func cleanDocumentation(docs []*internal.Documentation) []*internal.Documentation {
// If there is more than one row but the first is all/all, ignore the others.
// Should never happen; temporary fix until the DB is cleaned up.
if len(docs) > 1 && docs[0].BuildContext() == internal.BuildContextAll {
return docs[:1]
// If there is only one Documentation and it is linux/amd64, then
// make it all/all.
// This is temporary, until the next reprocessing. It assumes a unit
// with a single linux/amd64 actually has only one build context,
// and hasn't been reprocessed to have all/all.
// The only effect of this is to prevent "GOOS=linux, GOARCH=amd64" from
// appearing at the bottom of the doc. That is wrong in the (rather
// unlikely) case that the package truly only has doc for linux/amd64,
// but the bug is only cosmetic.
if len(docs) == 1 && docs[0].GOOS == "linux" && docs[0].GOARCH == "amd64" {
docs[0].GOOS = internal.All
docs[0].GOARCH = internal.All
return docs
// readmeContent renders the readme to html and collects the headings
// into an outline.
func readmeContent(ctx context.Context, u *internal.Unit) (_ *Readme, err error) {
defer derrors.Wrap(&err, "readmeContent(%q, %q, %q)", u.Path, u.ModulePath, u.Version)
defer stats.Elapsed(ctx, "readmeContent")()
if !u.IsRedistributable {
return &Readme{}, nil
return ProcessReadme(ctx, u)
const missingDocReplacement = `<p>Documentation is missing.</p>`
func getHTML(ctx context.Context, u *internal.Unit, docPkg *godoc.Package,
nameToVersion map[string]string, bc internal.BuildContext) (_ *dochtml.Parts, err error) {
defer derrors.Wrap(&err, "getHTML(%s)", u.Path)
if len(u.Documentation[0].Source) > 0 {
return renderDocParts(ctx, u, docPkg, nameToVersion, bc)
log.Errorf(ctx, "unit %s (%s@%s) missing documentation source", u.Path, u.ModulePath, u.Version)
return &dochtml.Parts{Body: template.MustParseAndExecuteToHTML(missingDocReplacement)}, nil