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// Copyright 2019 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Package internal contains data used through x/pkgsite.
package internal
const (
ExperimentDeprecatedDoc = "deprecated-doc"
ExperimentEnableStdFrontendFetch = "enable-std-frontend-fetch"
ExperimentNewUnitLayout = "new-unit-layout"
ExperimentSearchGrouping = "search-grouping"
ExperimentSearchIncrementally = "search-incrementally"
ExperimentSkipInsertSymbols = "skip-insert-symbols"
ExperimentStyleGuide = "styleguide"
ExperimentSymbolSearch = "symbol-search"
ExperimentVulns = "vulns"
// Experiments represents all of the active experiments in the codebase and
// a description of each experiment.
var Experiments = map[string]string{
ExperimentDeprecatedDoc: "Treat deprecated symbols specially in documentation.",
ExperimentEnableStdFrontendFetch: "Enable frontend fetching for module std.",
ExperimentNewUnitLayout: "Enable the new layout on the unit page.",
ExperimentSearchGrouping: "Group search results.",
ExperimentSearchIncrementally: "Use incremental query for search results.",
ExperimentSkipInsertSymbols: "Don't insert data into symbols tables.",
ExperimentStyleGuide: "Enable the styleguide.",
ExperimentSymbolSearch: "Enable searching for symbols.",
ExperimentVulns: "Enable vulnerability reporting.",
// Experiment holds data associated with an experimental feature for frontend
// or worker.
type Experiment struct {
// This struct is used to decode dynamic config (see
// internal/config/dynconfig). Make sure that changes to this struct are
// coordinated with the deployment of config files.
// Name is the name of the feature.
Name string
// Rollout is the percentage of requests enrolled in the experiment.
Rollout uint
// Description provides a description of the experiment.
Description string