cmd/pkgsite: hide irrelevant content in local mode; add quick links

This CL contains several UI improvements when running pkgsite in local
mode via cmd/pkgsite:
- hide irrelevant or inaccurate content
- fix a bug using -gopath_mode (trim the `go env GOPATH` output)
- fix panics navigating to vuln pages
- link the GO button to the root page, rather than
- add quick-links to the homepage to browse local modules

- add -dev and -static flags, to facilitate development
- replace TestBuildGetters with more cases in TestServer
- fix some redundancy in setting the <title> element for pages;
  consolidate on using the basePage.HTMLTitle value

Updates golang/go#40371

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  1. cmd/
  2. deploy/
  3. devtools/
  4. doc/
  5. internal/
  6. migrations/
  7. static/
  8. tests/
  9. third_party/
  10. .dockerignore
  11. .eslintignore
  12. .eslintrc.yaml
  13. .gitignore
  14. .prettierignore
  15. .prettierrc.yaml
  16. .stylelintignore
  17. .stylelintrc.yaml
  18. all.bash
  20. go.mod
  21. go.sum
  22. jest.config.js
  24. package-lock.json
  25. package.json
  28. tsconfig.json

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