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This repository hosts the source code of the website, and pkgsite, a documentation server program.

Go Reference a site for discovering Go packages is a website for discovering and evaluating Go packages and modules.

You can check it out at

pkgsite: a documentation server

pkgsite program extracts and generates documentation for Go projects.

Example usage:

$ go install
$ cd myproject
$ pkgsite -open .

For more information, see the pkgsite documentation.


Pkgsite requires Go 1.19 to run. The last commit that works with Go 1.18 is 9ffe8b928e4fbd3ff7dcf984254629a47f8b6e63. The last commit that works with Go 1.17 is 4d836c6a652cde92f433967680dfd6171a91ec12.


If you want to report a bug or have a feature suggestion, please first check the known issues to see if your issue is already being discussed. If an issue does not already exist, feel free to file an issue.

For answers to frequently asked questions, see

You can also chat with us on the #pkgsite Slack channel on the Gophers Slack.


We would love your help!

Our canonical Git repository is located at There is a mirror of the repository at

To contribute, please read our contributing guide.


Unless otherwise noted, the Go source files are distributed under the BSD-style license found in the LICENSE file.