internal/{worker,stdlib}: /fetch-std-master: avoid cloning go repo

On each call of the /fetch-std-master endpoint, we cloned the Go repo
for each supported branch to determine its current commit. Although
not a big deal, that is a bit wasteful and it also would occasionally
fail obscurely.

Instead we use git's remote list feature to get all the repo's refs in
one call. We then compare the hashes with the stored pseudo-versions
to see if the branch has moved.

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  1. .dockerignore
  2. .eslintignore
  3. .eslintrc.yaml
  4. .gitignore
  5. .prettierignore
  6. .prettierrc.yaml
  7. .stylelintignore
  8. .stylelintrc.yaml
  13. all.bash
  14. cloudbuild.yaml
  15. cmd/
  16. devtools/
  17. doc/
  18. go.mod
  19. go.sum
  20. internal/
  21. jest.config.js
  22. migrations/
  23. package-lock.json
  24. package.json
  25. static/
  26. tests/
  27. third_party/
  28. tsconfig.json

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