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Copyright 2021 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
{{define "title"}}
<title>{{.Title}}{{if ne .PageType "std"}} {{.PageType}}{{end}}{{with .SelectedTab.Name}} {{.}}{{end}}{{if ne .PageType "std"}} - {{.Unit.Path}}{{end}} - Go Packages</title>
{{define "description"}}{{.MetaDescription}}{{end}}
{{define "pre-content"}}
<link href="/static/frontend/unit/unit.min.css?version={{.AppVersionLabel}}" rel="stylesheet">
{{block "main-styles".}}{{end}}
{{define "main"}}
<main class="go-Main">
<div class="go-Main-banner" role="alert">
{{- block "main-banner" .}}{{end -}}
<header class="go-Main-header js-mainHeader">
{{- block "main-header" .}}{{end -}}
<aside class="go-Main-aside {{if not (eq .SelectedTab.Name "")}}go-Main-aside--empty{{end}} js-mainAside">
{{- block "main-aside" .}}{{end -}}
<nav class="go-Main-nav go-Main-nav--sticky js-mainNav" aria-label="Outline">
{{- block "main-nav" .}}{{end -}}
<article class="go-Main-article js-mainContent">
{{- block "main-content" .}}{{end -}}
<footer class="go-Main-footer">
{{- block "main-footer" .}}{{end -}}
{{define "post-content"}}
{{block "main-scripts" .}}{{end}}