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// Copyright 2022 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package benchunit
import (
type tidyEntry struct {
tidied string
factor float64
var tidyCache sync.Map // unit string -> *tidyCache
// Tidy normalizes a value with a (possibly pre-scaled) unit into base units.
// For example, if unit is "ns" or "MB", it will re-scale the value to
// "sec" or "B" units, respectively. It returns the re-scaled value and
// its new unit. If the value is already in base units, it does nothing.
func Tidy(value float64, unit string) (tidiedValue float64, tidiedUnit string) {
newUnit, factor := tidyUnit(unit)
return value * factor, newUnit
// tidyUnit normalizes common pre-scaled units like "ns" to "sec" and
// "MB" to "B". It returns the tidied version of unit and the
// multiplicative factor to convert a value in unit "unit" to a value in
// unit "tidied". For example, to convert value x in the untidied unit
// to the tidied unit, multiply x by factor.
func tidyUnit(unit string) (tidied string, factor float64) {
// Fast path for units from testing package.
switch unit {
case "ns/op":
return "sec/op", 1e-9
case "MB/s":
return "B/s", 1e6
case "B/op", "allocs/op":
return unit, 1
// Fast path for units with no normalization.
if !(strings.Contains(unit, "ns") || strings.Contains(unit, "MB")) {
return unit, 1
// Check the cache.
if tc, ok := tidyCache.Load(unit); ok {
tc := tc.(*tidyEntry)
return tc.tidied, tc.factor
// Do the hard work and cache it.
tidied, factor = tidyUnitUncached(unit)
tidyCache.Store(unit, &tidyEntry{tidied, factor})
func tidyUnitUncached(unit string) (tidied string, factor float64) {
type edit struct {
pos, len int
replace string
// The caller has handled the fast paths. Parse the unit.
factor = 1
p := newParser(unit)
edits := make([]edit, 0, 4)
for {
if p.denom {
// Don't edit in the denominator.
switch p.tok {
case "ns":
edits = append(edits, edit{p.pos, len("ns"), "sec"})
factor /= 1e9
case "MB":
edits = append(edits, edit{p.pos, len("MB"), "B"})
factor *= 1e6
// Apply edits.
for i := len(edits) - 1; i >= 0; i-- {
e := edits[i]
unit = unit[:e.pos] + e.replace + unit[e.pos+e.len:]
return unit, factor