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Package sqlite3 provides interface to SQLite3 databases.
This works as a driver for database/sql.
go get
Supported Types
Currently, go-sqlite3 supports the following data types.
|go | sqlite3 |
|nil | null |
|int | integer |
|int64 | integer |
|float64 | float |
|bool | integer |
|[]byte | blob |
|string | text |
|time.Time | timestamp/datetime|
SQLite3 Extension
You can write your own extension module for sqlite3. For example, below is an
extension for a Regexp matcher operation.
#include <pcre.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <sqlite3ext.h>
static void regexp_func(sqlite3_context *context, int argc, sqlite3_value **argv) {
if (argc >= 2) {
const char *target = (const char *)sqlite3_value_text(argv[1]);
const char *pattern = (const char *)sqlite3_value_text(argv[0]);
const char* errstr = NULL;
int erroff = 0;
int vec[500];
int n, rc;
pcre* re = pcre_compile(pattern, 0, &errstr, &erroff, NULL);
rc = pcre_exec(re, NULL, target, strlen(target), 0, 0, vec, 500);
if (rc <= 0) {
sqlite3_result_error(context, errstr, 0);
sqlite3_result_int(context, 1);
#ifdef _WIN32
int sqlite3_extension_init(sqlite3 *db, char **errmsg,
const sqlite3_api_routines *api) {
return sqlite3_create_function(db, "regexp", 2, SQLITE_UTF8,
(void*)db, regexp_func, NULL, NULL);
It needs to be built as a so/dll shared library. And you need to register
the extension module like below.
Extensions: []string{
Then, you can use this extension.
rows, err := db.Query("select text from mytable where name regexp '^golang'")
Connection Hook
You can hook and inject your code when the connection is established. database/sql
doesn't provide a way to get native go-sqlite3 interfaces. So if you want,
you need to set ConnectHook and get the SQLiteConn.
ConnectHook: func(conn *sqlite3.SQLiteConn) error {
sqlite3conn = append(sqlite3conn, conn)
return nil
Go SQlite3 Extensions
If you want to register Go functions as SQLite extension functions,
call RegisterFunction from ConnectHook.
regex = func(re, s string) (bool, error) {
return regexp.MatchString(re, s)
ConnectHook: func(conn *sqlite3.SQLiteConn) error {
return conn.RegisterFunc("regexp", regex, true)
See the documentation of RegisterFunc for more details.
package sqlite3
import "C"