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// Copyright 2017 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Package storage contains a client for the performance data storage server.
package storage
import (
// A Client issues queries to a performance data storage server.
// It is safe to use from multiple goroutines simultaneously.
type Client struct {
// BaseURL is the base URL of the storage server.
BaseURL string
// HTTPClient is the HTTP client for sending requests. If nil, http.DefaultClient will be used.
HTTPClient *http.Client
// httpClient returns the http.Client to use for requests.
func (c *Client) httpClient() *http.Client {
if c.HTTPClient != nil {
return c.HTTPClient
return http.DefaultClient
// Query searches for results matching the given query string.
// The query string is first parsed into quoted words (as in the shell)
// and then each word must be formatted as one of the following:
// key:value - exact match on label "key" = "value"
// key>value - value greater than (useful for dates)
// key<value - value less than (also useful for dates)
func (c *Client) Query(q string) *Query {
hc := c.httpClient()
resp, err := hc.Get(c.BaseURL + "/search?" + url.Values{"q": []string{q}}.Encode())
if err != nil {
return &Query{err: err}
br := benchfmt.NewReader(resp.Body)
return &Query{br: br, body: resp.Body}
// A Query allows iteration over the results of a search query.
// Use Next to advance through the results, making sure to call Close when done:
// q := client.Query("key:value")
// defer q.Close()
// for q.Next() {
// res := q.Result()
// ...
// }
// if err = q.Err(); err != nil {
// // handle error encountered during query
// }
type Query struct {
br *benchfmt.Reader
body io.ReadCloser
err error
// Next prepares the next result for reading with the Result
// method. It returns false when there are no more results, either by
// reaching the end of the input or an error.
func (q *Query) Next() bool {
if q.err != nil {
return false
// Result returns the most recent result generated by a call to Next.
func (q *Query) Result() *benchfmt.Result {
// Err returns the first error encountered during the query.
func (q *Query) Err() error {
if q.err != nil {
return q.err
// Close frees resources associated with the query.
func (q *Query) Close() error {
return q.err
// TODO(quentin): Move upload code here from cmd/benchsave?