cmd/gomobile: add go statements to autogenerated go.mod files

go.mod files are automatically generated in a temporary working
directory in order to resolve dependencies. The go.mod files didn't
include go statements, which means a Go compiler tried to resolve
dependencies in the most conservative way. In this way, some paths could
not be resolved as ambiguous paths (e.g. vs

This CL fixes this issue by giving a go statement to the go.mod files.

Fixes golang/go#62458

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  1. app/
  2. asset/
  3. bind/
  4. cmd/
  5. doc/
  6. event/
  7. example/
  8. exp/
  9. geom/
  10. gl/
  11. internal/
  12. testdata/
  13. .gitattributes
  14. .gitignore
  15. codereview.cfg
  17. go.mod
  18. go.sum

Go support for Mobile devices

Go Reference

The Go mobile repository holds packages and build tools for using Go on mobile platforms.

Package documentation as a starting point:

Caution image

The Go Mobile project is experimental. Use this at your own risk. While we are working hard to improve it, neither Google nor the Go team can provide end-user support.

This is early work and installing the build system requires Go 1.5. Follow the instructions on to install the gomobile command, build the basic and the bind example apps.

Contributions to Go are appreciated. See