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// Test that exported names have correct comments.
// Package pkg does something.
package pkg
import "time"
type T int // MATCH /exported type T.*should.*comment.*or.*unexport/
func (T) F() {} // MATCH /exported method T\.F.*should.*comment.*or.*unexport/
// this is a nice type.
// MATCH /comment.*exported type U.*should.*form.*"U ..."/
type U string
// this is a neat function.
// MATCH /comment.*exported method U\.G.*should.*form.*"G ..."/
func (U) G() {}
// A V is a string.
type V string
// V.H has a pointer receiver
func (*V) H() {} // MATCH /exported method V\.H.*should.*comment.*or.*unexport/
var W = "foo" // MATCH /exported var W.*should.*comment.*or.*unexport/
const X = "bar" // MATCH /exported const X.*should.*comment.*or.*unexport/
var Y, Z int // MATCH /exported var Z.*own declaration/
// Location should be okay, since the other var name is an underscore.
var Location, _ = time.LoadLocation("Europe/Istanbul") // not Constantinople
// this is improperly documented
// MATCH /comment.*const.*Thing.*form.*"Thing ..."/
const Thing = "wonderful"