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// Test of stuttery names.
// Package donut ...
package donut
// DonutMaker makes donuts.
type DonutMaker struct{} // MATCH /donut\.DonutMaker.*stutter/
// DonutRank computes the ranking of a donut.
func DonutRank(d Donut) int { // MATCH /donut\.DonutRank.*stutter/
return 0
// Donut is a delicious treat.
type Donut struct{} // ok because it is the whole name
// Donuts are great, aren't they?
type Donuts []Donut // ok because it didn't start a new word
type donutGlaze int // ok because it is unexported
// DonutMass reports the mass of a donut.
func (d *Donut) DonutMass() (grams int) { // okay because it is a method
return 38