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//===-- go-llvm-bvariable.h - decls for gofrontend 'Bvariable' class --===//
// Copyright 2018 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Defines Bvariable and related classes.
#include "go-linemap.h"
#include "go-location.h"
#include "go-llvm-btype.h"
namespace llvm {
class Value;
class Instruction;
// Back end variable class
enum WhichVar { ParamVar, GlobalVar, LocalVar, BlockVar, ErrorVar };
class Bvariable {
// Constructor for regular/normal variables.
Bvariable(Btype *type, Location location,
const std::string &name, WhichVar which,
bool address_taken, llvm::Value *value);
// Constructor for zero-sized global variables. Here we have to play
// tricks by creating a variable definition with an underlying
// non-zero size, but then apply a conversion to the correct type
// for references to the var.
Bvariable(Btype *zeroSizeType, Btype *underlyingNonZeroSizeType,
Location location, const std::string &name, WhichVar which,
bool address_taken, llvm::Value *value);
// Common to all varieties of variables
Location location() { return location_; }
Btype *btype() { return type_; }
Btype *underlyingType() { return underlyingType_; }
const std::string &name() { return name_; }
llvm::Value *value() { return value_; }
void setValue(llvm::Value *v) { value_ = v; }
bool addrtaken() { return addrtaken_; }
WhichVar flavor() const { return which_; }
bool isTemporary() const { return temporary_; }
void markAsTemporary() { temporary_ = true; }
bool isDeclVar() const { return declvar_; }
void markAsDeclVar() { declvar_ = true; }
// Set/get variable initializer. Some variables may not have an
// initializer, for example module-scoped globals, or variables
// corresponding to by-address function params. Similarly, some
// variables will have an initializer instruction, and others will
// have just an initializer value.
void setInitializer(llvm::Value *init);
void setInitializerExpr(Bexpression *expr);
llvm::Value *initializer() const { return initializer_; }
llvm::Instruction *initializerInstruction() const;
// debugging
void dump();
// dump with source line info
void srcDump(Linemap *);
// dump to raw_ostream
void osdump(llvm::raw_ostream &os, unsigned ilevel = 0,
Linemap *linemap = nullptr, bool terse = false);
Bvariable() = delete;
const std::string name_;
llvm::Value *value_;
llvm::Value *initializer_;
Btype *type_;
Btype *underlyingType_;
Location location_;
WhichVar which_;
bool addrtaken_;
bool temporary_;
bool declvar_;
friend class Llvm_backend;