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package issue9026
// This file appears in its own package since the assertion tests the
// per-package counter used to create fresh identifiers.
typedef struct { int i; } git_merge_file_input;
typedef struct { int j; } git_merge_file_options;
void git_merge_file(
git_merge_file_input *in,
git_merge_file_options *opts) {}
import "C"
import (
func Test(t *testing.T) {
var in C.git_merge_file_input
var opts *C.git_merge_file_options
C.git_merge_file(&in, opts)
// Test that the generated type names are deterministic.
// (Previously this would fail about 10% of the time.)
// Brittle: the assertion may fail spuriously when the algorithm
// changes, but should remain stable otherwise.
got := fmt.Sprintf("%T %T", in, opts)
want := "issue9026._Ctype_struct___0 *issue9026._Ctype_struct___1"
if got != want {
t.Errorf("Non-deterministic type names: got %s, want %s", got, want)