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# Tests that the generated test main file has a generated code comment.
# This is needed by analyzers that access source files through 'go list'.
# Verifies
# TODO(jayconrod): This test is brittle. We should write _testmain.go as
# a build action instead of with an ad-hoc WriteFile call
# in internal/test/test.go. Then we could just grep 'go get -n'.
go test x_test.go
-- x_test.go --
package x
import (
func Test(t *testing.T) {
exePath, err := os.Executable()
if err != nil {
testmainPath := filepath.Join(filepath.Dir(exePath), "_testmain.go")
source, err := os.ReadFile(testmainPath)
if err != nil {
if matched, err := regexp.Match(`(?m)^// Code generated .* DO NOT EDIT\.$`, source); err != nil {
} else if !matched {
t.Error("_testmain.go does not have generated code comment")