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# Test that we can use the external linker with a host syso file that is
# embedded in a package, that is referenced by a Go assembly function.
# See issue 33139.
[!gc] skip
[!cgo] skip
# External linking is not supported on linux/ppc64.
# See:
[linux] [ppc64] skip
cc -c -o syso/objTestImpl.syso syso/src/objTestImpl.c
go build -ldflags='-linkmode=external' ./cmd/main.go
-- go.mod --
module m
go 1.16
-- syso/objTest.s --
#include "textflag.h"
TEXT ·ObjTest(SB), NOSPLIT, $0
// We do not actually execute this function in the test above, thus
// there is no stack frame setup here.
// We only care about Go build and/or link errors when referencing
// the objTestImpl symbol in the syso file.
JMP objTestImpl(SB)
-- syso/pkg.go --
package syso
func ObjTest()
-- syso/src/objTestImpl.c --
void objTestImpl() { /* Empty */ }
-- cmd/main.go --
package main
import "m/syso"
func main() {