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env GO111MODULE=off
[short] skip
[GODEBUG:gocacheverify=1] skip
[gccgo] skip # gccgo has no standard packages
# Start with a clean build cache:
# test failures may be masked if the cache has just the right entries already.
env GOCACHE=$WORK/cache
# Run 'go vet os/user' once to warm up the cache.
go vet os/user
# Check that second vet reuses cgo-derived inputs.
# The first command could be build instead of vet,
# except that if the cache is empty and there's a net.a
# in GOROOT/pkg, the build will not bother to regenerate
# and cache the cgo outputs, whereas vet always will.
go vet -x os/user
! stderr '^(clang|gcc)' # should not have run compiler
! stderr '[\\/]cgo ' # should not have run cgo