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// linux/386-specific vet whitelist. See readme.txt for details.
runtime/sys_linux_386.s: [386] setldt: function setldt missing Go declaration
// These SP references occur after a stack-altering call. They're fine.
runtime/sys_linux_386.s: [386] clone: 12(SP) should be mp+8(FP)
runtime/sys_linux_386.s: [386] clone: 4(SP) should be flags+0(FP)
runtime/sys_linux_386.s: [386] clone: 8(SP) should be stk+4(FP)
// Android-specific; stubs missing on other linux platforms.
runtime/sys_linux_386.s: [386] access: function access missing Go declaration
runtime/sys_linux_386.s: [386] connect: function connect missing Go declaration
runtime/sys_linux_386.s: [386] socket: function socket missing Go declaration