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env GO111MODULE=off
# Issue 27665. Verify that "go vet" analyzes non-Go files.
[!amd64] skip
! go vet -asmdecl a
stderr 'f: invalid MOVW of x'
# -c flag shows context
! go vet -c=2 -asmdecl a
stderr '...invalid MOVW...'
stderr '1 .*TEXT'
stderr '2 MOVW'
stderr '3 RET'
stderr '4'
# -json causes success, even with diagnostics and errors.
go vet -json -asmdecl a
stderr '"a": {'
stderr '"asmdecl":'
stderr '"posn": ".*asm.s:2:1",'
stderr '"message": ".*invalid MOVW.*"'
-- a/a.go --
package a
func f(x int8)
-- a/asm.s --
TEXT ·f(SB),0,$0-1
MOVW x+0(FP), AX