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# Without arguments, we just print Go's own version.
go version
stdout '^go version'
# Flags without files, or paths to misisng files, should error.
! go version missing.exe
! go version -m
stderr 'with arguments'
! go version -v
stderr 'with arguments'
env GO111MODULE=on
# Skip the builds below if we are running in short mode.
[short] skip
# Check that 'go version' and 'go version -m' work on a binary built in module mode.
go build -o fortune.exe
go version fortune.exe
stdout '^fortune.exe: .+'
go version -m fortune.exe
stdout '^\tpath\'
stdout '^\tmod\\tv1.0.0'
# Repeat the test with -buildmode=pie.
[!buildmode:pie] stop
go build -buildmode=pie -o external.exe
go version external.exe
stdout '^external.exe: .+'
go version -m external.exe
stdout '^\tpath\'
stdout '^\tmod\\tv1.0.0'
# Also test PIE with internal linking.
# currently only supported on linux/amd64, linux/arm64 and windows/amd64.
[!linux] [!windows] stop
[!amd64] [!arm64] stop
go build -buildmode=pie -ldflags=-linkmode=internal -o internal.exe
go version internal.exe
stdout '^internal.exe: .+'
go version -m internal.exe
stdout '^\tpath\'
stdout '^\tmod\\tv1.0.0'
-- go.mod --
module m