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env GO111MODULE=on
env sumdb=$GOSUMDB
env proxy=$GOPROXY
env dbname=localhost.localdev/sumdb
# disagreeing with the sumdb produces security errors
# (this also populates tiles on the sumdb server).
cp go.mod.orig go.mod
env GOSUMDB=$sumdb' '$proxy/sumdb-wrong
! go get -d
stderr 'go get verifying module: checksum mismatch'
stderr 'downloaded: h1:3fEy'
stderr 'localhost.localdev/sumdb: h1:wrong'
stderr 'SECURITY ERROR\nThis download does NOT match the one reported by the checksum server.'
! go get -d
! go get -d
rm go.sum
# switching to truthful sumdb detects timeline inconsistency
cp go.mod.orig go.mod
env GOSUMDB=$sumdb
! go get -d
stderr 'SECURITY ERROR\ngo.sum database server misbehavior detected!'
stderr 'proof of misbehavior:'
# removing the cached wrong tree head and cached tiles clears the bad data
rm $GOPATH/pkg/sumdb/$dbname/latest
go clean -modcache
go get -d
-- go.mod.orig --
module m