compiler: correct condition for calling memclrHasPointers

When compiling append(s, make([]typ, ln)...), where typ has a pointer,
and the append fits within the existing capacity of s, the condition
used to clear out the new elements was reversed.

Fixes golang/go#47771

Change-Id: Ia880adc08ab723afe3f927e65c9e081f9f717f90
Trust: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Reviewed-by: Than McIntosh <>
Reviewed-by: Cherry Mui <>
diff --git a/go/ b/go/
index 8d4d168..ddb1d91 100644
--- a/go/
+++ b/go/
@@ -9350,7 +9350,7 @@
               ref2 = Expression::make_cast(uint_type, ref2, loc);
               cond = Expression::make_binary(OPERATOR_GT, ref, ref2, loc);
               zero = Expression::make_integer_ul(0, int_type, loc);
-              call = Expression::make_conditional(cond, call, zero, loc);
+              call = Expression::make_conditional(cond, zero, call, loc);