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// Copyright 2011 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package os
import syscall "syscall"
// SyscallError records an error from a specific system call.
type SyscallError struct {
Syscall string
Err string
func (e *SyscallError) String() string { return e.Syscall + ": " + e.Err }
// Note: If the name of the function NewSyscallError changes,
// pkg/go/doc/doc.go should be adjusted since it hardwires
// this name in a heuristic.
// NewSyscallError returns, as an Error, a new SyscallError
// with the given system call name and error details.
// As a convenience, if err is nil, NewSyscallError returns nil.
func NewSyscallError(syscall string, err syscall.Error) Error {
if err == nil {
return nil
return &SyscallError{syscall, err.String()}
var (
Eshortstat = NewError("stat buffer too small")
Ebadstat = NewError("malformed stat buffer")
Ebadfd = NewError("fd out of range or not open")
Ebadarg = NewError("bad arg in system call")
Enotdir = NewError("not a directory")
Enonexist = NewError("file does not exist")
Eexist = NewError("file already exists")
Eio = NewError("i/o error")
Eperm = NewError("permission denied")
EINVAL = Ebadarg
ENOTDIR = Enotdir
ENOENT = Enonexist
EEXIST = Eexist
EIO = Eio
EACCES = Eperm
ENAMETOOLONG = NewError("file name too long")
ERANGE = NewError("math result not representable")
EPIPE = NewError("Broken Pipe")
EPLAN9 = NewError("not supported by plan 9")
func iserror(err syscall.Error) bool {
return err != nil
func Errno(e syscall.Error) syscall.Error { return e }