release.2010-02-04 step one

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 0a2770db06efe92b08b5c6f30e14b7e8db012538 release.2010-01-27
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 <p>This page summarizes the changes between tagged releases of Go.
 For full details, see the <a href="">Mercurial change log</a>.</p>
+<h3 id="2010-02-04">2010-02-04</h3>
+There is one language change: support for ...T parameters:
+You can now check build status on various platforms at the Go Dashboard: 
+* 5l/6l/8l: several minor fixes
+* 5a/6a/8a/5l/6l/8l: avoid overflow of symb buffer (thanks Dean Prichard)
+* compress/gzip: gzip deflater (i.e., writer)
+* debug/proc: add mingw specific build stubs (thanks Joe Poirier)
+* exp/draw: separate the source-point and mask-point in Draw
+* fmt: handle nils safely in Printf
+* gccgo: error messages now match those of gc
+* godoc: several fixes
+* http: bug fixes, revision of Request/Response (thanks Petar Maymounkov)
+* image: new image.A type to represent anti-aliased font glyphs
+	add named colors (e.g. image.Blue), suitable for exp/draw
+* io: fixed bugs in Pipe
+* malloc: merge into package runtime
+* math: fix tests on FreeBSD (thanks Devon H. O'Dell)
+	add functions; update tests and special cases (thanks Charles L. Dorian)
+* os/signal: send SIGCHLDs to Incoming (thanks Chris Wedgwood)
+* reflect: add StringHeader to reflect
+* runtime: add SetFinalizer
+* time: Sleep through interruptions (thanks Chris Wedgwood)
+	add RFC822 formats
+	experimental implemenation of Ticker using two goroutines for all tickers
+* xml: allow underscores in XML element names (thanks Michael Hoisie)
+	allow any scalar type in xml.Unmarshal
 <h3 id="2010-01-27">2010-01-27</h3>