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// Copyright 2014 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "textflag.h"
TEXT _rt0_arm_darwin(SB),7,$-4
// prepare arguments for main (_rt0_go)
MOVW (R13), R0 // argc
MOVW $4(R13), R1 // argv
MOVW $main(SB), R4
B (R4)
// When linking with -buildmode=c-archive or -buildmode=c-shared,
// this symbol is called from a global initialization function.
// Note that all currently shipping darwin/arm platforms require
// cgo and do not support c-shared.
TEXT _rt0_arm_darwin_lib(SB),NOSPLIT,$104
// Preserve callee-save registers.
MOVW R4, 12(R13)
MOVW R5, 16(R13)
MOVW R6, 20(R13)
MOVW R7, 24(R13)
MOVW R8, 28(R13)
MOVW R11, 32(R13)
MOVD F8, (32+8*1)(R13)
MOVD F9, (32+8*2)(R13)
MOVD F10, (32+8*3)(R13)
MOVD F11, (32+8*4)(R13)
MOVD F12, (32+8*5)(R13)
MOVD F13, (32+8*6)(R13)
MOVD F14, (32+8*7)(R13)
MOVD F15, (32+8*8)(R13)
MOVW R0, _rt0_arm_darwin_lib_argc<>(SB)
MOVW R1, _rt0_arm_darwin_lib_argv<>(SB)
// Synchronous initialization.
MOVW $runtime·libpreinit(SB), R3
// Create a new thread to do the runtime initialization and return.
MOVW _cgo_sys_thread_create(SB), R3
CMP $0, R3
B.EQ nocgo
MOVW $_rt0_arm_darwin_lib_go(SB), R0
MOVW $0, R1
BL (R3)
B rr
MOVW $0x400000, R0
MOVW R0, (R13) // stacksize
MOVW $_rt0_arm_darwin_lib_go(SB), R0
MOVW R0, 4(R13) // fn
MOVW $0, R0
MOVW R0, 8(R13) // fnarg
MOVW $runtime·newosproc0(SB), R3
BL (R3)
// Restore callee-save registers and return.
MOVW 12(R13), R4
MOVW 16(R13), R5
MOVW 20(R13), R6
MOVW 24(R13), R7
MOVW 28(R13), R8
MOVW 32(R13), R11
MOVD (32+8*1)(R13), F8
MOVD (32+8*2)(R13), F9
MOVD (32+8*3)(R13), F10
MOVD (32+8*4)(R13), F11
MOVD (32+8*5)(R13), F12
MOVD (32+8*6)(R13), F13
MOVD (32+8*7)(R13), F14
MOVD (32+8*8)(R13), F15
TEXT _rt0_arm_darwin_lib_go(SB),NOSPLIT,$0
MOVW _rt0_arm_darwin_lib_argc<>(SB), R0
MOVW _rt0_arm_darwin_lib_argv<>(SB), R1
MOVW R0, (R13)
MOVW R1, 4(R13)
MOVW $runtime·rt0_go(SB), R4
B (R4)
DATA _rt0_arm_darwin_lib_argc<>(SB)/4, $0
GLOBL _rt0_arm_darwin_lib_argc<>(SB),NOPTR, $4
DATA _rt0_arm_darwin_lib_argv<>(SB)/4, $0
GLOBL _rt0_arm_darwin_lib_argv<>(SB),NOPTR, $4
// save argc and argv onto stack
MOVM.DB.W [R0-R1], (R13)
MOVW $runtime·rt0_go(SB), R4
B (R4)