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package runtime
const (
// These values are referred to in the source code
// but really don't matter. Even so, use the standard numbers.
type timespec struct {
tv_sec int64
tv_nsec int32
type excregs386 struct {
eax uint32
ecx uint32
edx uint32
ebx uint32
esp uint32
ebp uint32
esi uint32
edi uint32
eip uint32
eflags uint32
type excregsamd64 struct {
rax uint64
rcx uint64
rdx uint64
rbx uint64
rsp uint64
rbp uint64
rsi uint64
rdi uint64
r8 uint64
r9 uint64
r10 uint64
r11 uint64
r12 uint64
r13 uint64
r14 uint64
r15 uint64
rip uint64
rflags uint32
type exccontext struct {
size uint32
portable_context_offset uint32
portable_context_size uint32
arch uint32
regs_size uint32
reserved [11]uint32
regs excregsamd64
type excportablecontext struct {
pc uint32
sp uint32
fp uint32