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// Copyright 2009 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "textflag.h"
// Called by C code generated by cmd/cgo.
// func crosscall2(fn func(a unsafe.Pointer, n int32, ctxt uintptr), a unsafe.Pointer, n int32, ctxt uintptr)
// Saves C callee-saved registers and calls fn with three arguments.
TEXT crosscall2(SB),NOSPLIT,$0
#ifndef GOOS_windows
SUBQ $0x58, SP /* keeps stack pointer 32-byte aligned */
SUBQ $0x118, SP /* also need to save xmm6 - xmm15 */
MOVQ BX, 0x18(SP)
MOVQ BP, 0x20(SP)
MOVQ R12, 0x28(SP)
MOVQ R13, 0x30(SP)
MOVQ R14, 0x38(SP)
MOVQ R15, 0x40(SP)
#ifdef GOOS_windows
// Win64 save RBX, RBP, RDI, RSI, RSP, R12, R13, R14, R15 and XMM6 -- XMM15.
MOVQ DI, 0x48(SP)
MOVQ SI, 0x50(SP)
MOVUPS X6, 0x60(SP)
MOVUPS X7, 0x70(SP)
MOVUPS X8, 0x80(SP)
MOVUPS X9, 0x90(SP)
MOVUPS X10, 0xa0(SP)
MOVUPS X11, 0xb0(SP)
MOVUPS X12, 0xc0(SP)
MOVUPS X13, 0xd0(SP)
MOVUPS X14, 0xe0(SP)
MOVUPS X15, 0xf0(SP)
MOVQ DX, 0x0(SP) /* arg */
MOVQ R8, 0x8(SP) /* argsize (includes padding) */
MOVQ R9, 0x10(SP) /* ctxt */
CALL CX /* fn */
MOVQ 0x48(SP), DI
MOVQ 0x50(SP), SI
MOVUPS 0x60(SP), X6
MOVUPS 0x70(SP), X7
MOVUPS 0x80(SP), X8
MOVUPS 0x90(SP), X9
MOVUPS 0xa0(SP), X10
MOVUPS 0xb0(SP), X11
MOVUPS 0xc0(SP), X12
MOVUPS 0xd0(SP), X13
MOVUPS 0xe0(SP), X14
MOVUPS 0xf0(SP), X15
MOVQ SI, 0x0(SP) /* arg */
MOVQ DX, 0x8(SP) /* argsize (includes padding) */
MOVQ CX, 0x10(SP) /* ctxt */
CALL DI /* fn */
MOVQ 0x18(SP), BX
MOVQ 0x20(SP), BP
MOVQ 0x28(SP), R12
MOVQ 0x30(SP), R13
MOVQ 0x38(SP), R14
MOVQ 0x40(SP), R15
#ifndef GOOS_windows
ADDQ $0x58, SP
ADDQ $0x118, SP