runtime: don't free large spans until heapBitsSweepSpan returns

This fixes a race between 1) sweeping and freeing an unmarked large
span and 2) reusing that span and allocating from it. This race arises
because mSpan_Sweep returns spans for large objects to the heap
*before* heapBitsSweepSpan clears the mark bit on the object in the

Specifically, the following sequence of events can lead to an
incorrectly zeroed bitmap byte, which causes the garbage collector to
not trace any pointers in that object (the pointer bits for the first
four words are cleared, and the scan bits are also cleared, so it
looks like a no-scan object).

1) P0 calls mSpan_Sweep on a large span S0 with an unmarked object on it.

2) mSpan_Sweep calls heapBitsSweepSpan, which invokes the callback for
   the one (unmarked) object on the span.

3) The callback calls mHeap_Free, which makes span S0 available for
   allocation, but this is too early.

4) P1 grabs this S0 from the heap to use for allocation.

5) P1 allocates an object on this span and writes that object's type
   bits to the bitmap.

6) P0 returns from the callback to heapBitsSweepSpan.
   heapBitsSweepSpan clears the byte containing the mark, even though
   this span is now owned by P1 and this byte contains important
   bitmap information.

This fixes this problem by simply delaying the mHeap_Free until after
the heapBitsSweepSpan. I think the overall logic of mSpan_Sweep could
be simplified now, but this seems like the minimal change.

Fixes #11617.

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