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// errorcheck -0 -m
//go:build !nacl && !386 && !wasm && !arm && !gcflags_noopt
// Copyright 2019 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Test, using compiler diagnostic flags, that inlining of functions
// imported from the sync package is working.
// Compiles but does not run.
// FIXME: This test is disabled on architectures where atomic operations
// are function calls rather than intrinsics, since this prevents inlining
// of the sync fast paths. This test should be re-enabled once the problem
// is solved.
package foo
import (
var mutex *sync.Mutex
func small5() { // ERROR "can inline small5"
// the Unlock fast path should be inlined
mutex.Unlock() // ERROR "inlining call to sync\.\(\*Mutex\)\.Unlock"
func small6() { // ERROR "can inline small6"
// the Lock fast path should be inlined
mutex.Lock() // ERROR "inlining call to sync\.\(\*Mutex\)\.Lock"
var once *sync.Once
func small7() { // ERROR "can inline small7"
// the Do fast path should be inlined
once.Do(small5) // ERROR "inlining call to sync\.\(\*Once\)\.Do"
var rwmutex *sync.RWMutex
func small8() { // ERROR "can inline small8"
// the RUnlock fast path should be inlined
rwmutex.RUnlock() // ERROR "inlining call to sync\.\(\*RWMutex\)\.RUnlock" "inlining call to atomic\.\(\*Int32\)\.Add"
func small9() { // ERROR "can inline small9"
// the RLock fast path should be inlined
rwmutex.RLock() // ERROR "inlining call to sync\.\(\*RWMutex\)\.RLock" "inlining call to atomic\.\(\*Int32\)\.Add"