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// Copyright 2015 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "textflag.h"
TEXT _rt0_arm64_darwin(SB),NOSPLIT|NOFRAME,$0
MOVD $runtime·rt0_go(SB), R2
BL (R2)
MOVD $0, R0
MOVD $1, R16 // sys_exit
SVC $0x80
B exit
// When linking with -buildmode=c-archive or -buildmode=c-shared,
// this symbol is called from a global initialization function.
// Note that all currently shipping darwin/arm64 platforms require
// cgo and do not support c-shared.
TEXT _rt0_arm64_darwin_lib(SB),NOSPLIT,$168
// Preserve callee-save registers.
MOVD R19, 24(RSP)
MOVD R20, 32(RSP)
MOVD R21, 40(RSP)
MOVD R22, 48(RSP)
MOVD R23, 56(RSP)
MOVD R24, 64(RSP)
MOVD R25, 72(RSP)
MOVD R26, 80(RSP)
MOVD R27, 88(RSP)
MOVD g, 96(RSP)
FMOVD F8, 104(RSP)
FMOVD F9, 112(RSP)
FMOVD F10, 120(RSP)
FMOVD F11, 128(RSP)
FMOVD F12, 136(RSP)
FMOVD F13, 144(RSP)
FMOVD F14, 152(RSP)
FMOVD F15, 160(RSP)
MOVD R0, _rt0_arm64_darwin_lib_argc<>(SB)
MOVD R1, _rt0_arm64_darwin_lib_argv<>(SB)
MOVD $0, g // initialize g to nil
// Synchronous initialization.
MOVD $runtime·libpreinit(SB), R4
BL (R4)
// Create a new thread to do the runtime initialization and return.
MOVD _cgo_sys_thread_create(SB), R4
MOVD $_rt0_arm64_darwin_lib_go(SB), R0
MOVD $0, R1
SUB $16, RSP // reserve 16 bytes for sp-8 where fp may be saved.
BL (R4)
ADD $16, RSP
// Restore callee-save registers.
MOVD 24(RSP), R19
MOVD 32(RSP), R20
MOVD 40(RSP), R21
MOVD 48(RSP), R22
MOVD 56(RSP), R23
MOVD 64(RSP), R24
MOVD 72(RSP), R25
MOVD 80(RSP), R26
MOVD 88(RSP), R27
MOVD 96(RSP), g
FMOVD 104(RSP), F8
FMOVD 112(RSP), F9
FMOVD 120(RSP), F10
FMOVD 128(RSP), F11
FMOVD 136(RSP), F12
FMOVD 144(RSP), F13
FMOVD 152(RSP), F14
FMOVD 160(RSP), F15
TEXT _rt0_arm64_darwin_lib_go(SB),NOSPLIT,$0
MOVD _rt0_arm64_darwin_lib_argc<>(SB), R0
MOVD _rt0_arm64_darwin_lib_argv<>(SB), R1
MOVD $runtime·rt0_go(SB), R4
B (R4)
DATA _rt0_arm64_darwin_lib_argc<>(SB)/8, $0
GLOBL _rt0_arm64_darwin_lib_argc<>(SB),NOPTR, $8
DATA _rt0_arm64_darwin_lib_argv<>(SB)/8, $0
GLOBL _rt0_arm64_darwin_lib_argv<>(SB),NOPTR, $8
// external linking entry point.
JMP _rt0_arm64_darwin(SB)