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// Code generated by mkpreempt.go; DO NOT EDIT.
#include "go_asm.h"
#include "textflag.h"
// Note: asyncPreempt doesn't use the internal ABI, but we must be able to inject calls to it from the signal handler, so Go code has to see the PC of this function literally.
TEXT ·asyncPreempt<ABIInternal>(SB),NOSPLIT|NOFRAME,$0-0
MOVD R14, -248(R15)
ADD $-248, R15
MOVW R10, 8(R15)
STMG R0, R12, 16(R15)
FMOVD F0, 120(R15)
FMOVD F1, 128(R15)
FMOVD F2, 136(R15)
FMOVD F3, 144(R15)
FMOVD F4, 152(R15)
FMOVD F5, 160(R15)
FMOVD F6, 168(R15)
FMOVD F7, 176(R15)
FMOVD F8, 184(R15)
FMOVD F9, 192(R15)
FMOVD F10, 200(R15)
FMOVD F11, 208(R15)
FMOVD F12, 216(R15)
FMOVD F13, 224(R15)
FMOVD F14, 232(R15)
FMOVD F15, 240(R15)
CALL ·asyncPreempt2(SB)
FMOVD 240(R15), F15
FMOVD 232(R15), F14
FMOVD 224(R15), F13
FMOVD 216(R15), F12
FMOVD 208(R15), F11
FMOVD 200(R15), F10
FMOVD 192(R15), F9
FMOVD 184(R15), F8
FMOVD 176(R15), F7
FMOVD 168(R15), F6
FMOVD 160(R15), F5
FMOVD 152(R15), F4
FMOVD 144(R15), F3
FMOVD 136(R15), F2
FMOVD 128(R15), F1
FMOVD 120(R15), F0
LMG 16(R15), R0, R12
MOVD 248(R15), R14
ADD $256, R15
MOVWZ -248(R15), R10
TMLH R10, $(3<<12)
MOVD -256(R15), R10
JMP (R10)