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// Copyright 2018 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package runtime
// NOTE(rsc): _CONTEXT_CONTROL is actually 0x200001 and should include PC, SP, and LR.
// However, empirically, LR doesn't come along on Windows 10
// unless you also set _CONTEXT_INTEGER (0x200002).
// Without LR, we skip over the next-to-bottom function in profiles
// when the bottom function is frameless.
// So we set both here, to make a working _CONTEXT_CONTROL.
const _CONTEXT_CONTROL = 0x200003
type neon128 struct {
low uint64
high int64
type context struct {
contextflags uint32
r0 uint32
r1 uint32
r2 uint32
r3 uint32
r4 uint32
r5 uint32
r6 uint32
r7 uint32
r8 uint32
r9 uint32
r10 uint32
r11 uint32
r12 uint32
spr uint32
lrr uint32
pc uint32
cpsr uint32
fpscr uint32
padding uint32
floatNeon [16]neon128
bvr [8]uint32
bcr [8]uint32
wvr [1]uint32
wcr [1]uint32
padding2 [2]uint32
func (c *context) ip() uintptr { return uintptr(c.pc) }
func (c *context) sp() uintptr { return uintptr(c.spr) }
func (c *context) lr() uintptr { return uintptr(c.lrr) }
func (c *context) set_ip(x uintptr) { c.pc = uint32(x) }
func (c *context) set_sp(x uintptr) { c.spr = uint32(x) }
func (c *context) set_lr(x uintptr) { c.lrr = uint32(x) }
func dumpregs(r *context) {
print("r0 ", hex(r.r0), "\n")
print("r1 ", hex(r.r1), "\n")
print("r2 ", hex(r.r2), "\n")
print("r3 ", hex(r.r3), "\n")
print("r4 ", hex(r.r4), "\n")
print("r5 ", hex(r.r5), "\n")
print("r6 ", hex(r.r6), "\n")
print("r7 ", hex(r.r7), "\n")
print("r8 ", hex(r.r8), "\n")
print("r9 ", hex(r.r9), "\n")
print("r10 ", hex(r.r10), "\n")
print("r11 ", hex(r.r11), "\n")
print("r12 ", hex(r.r12), "\n")
print("sp ", hex(r.spr), "\n")
print("lr ", hex(r.lrr), "\n")
print("pc ", hex(r.pc), "\n")
print("cpsr ", hex(r.cpsr), "\n")
func stackcheck() {
// TODO: not implemented on ARM