doc, api: add type Srcset string change to go1.10 notes and API

Change-Id: I13afaa894292bd566510b40a5e4bbbe4d72d4d08
Reviewed-by: Ian Lance Taylor <>
diff --git a/api/go1.10.txt b/api/go1.10.txt
index 6647ec6..f17e543 100644
--- a/api/go1.10.txt
+++ b/api/go1.10.txt
@@ -573,6 +573,7 @@
 pkg flag, method (*FlagSet) ErrorHandling() ErrorHandling
 pkg flag, method (*FlagSet) Name() string
 pkg flag, method (*FlagSet) Output() io.Writer
+pkg html/template, type Srcset string
 pkg math, func Erfcinv(float64) float64
 pkg math, func Erfinv(float64) float64
 pkg math, func Round(float64) float64
diff --git a/doc/go1.10.html b/doc/go1.10.html
index 04944ac..b5b3c01 100644
--- a/doc/go1.10.html
+++ b/doc/go1.10.html
@@ -1050,6 +1050,12 @@
 break out of the innermost <code>{{"{{range"}}</code>&nbsp;...<code>}}</code> loop,
 like the corresponding Go statements.
+The new <a href="/pkg/html/template#Srcset"><code>Srcset</code></a> content
+type allows for proper handling of values within the
+<a href=""><code>srcset</code></a>
+attribute of <code>img</code> tags.
 <dl id="math/big"><dt><a href="/pkg/math/big/">math/big</a></dt>