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#!/bin/rc -e
# Copyright 2012 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
# See for an overview of the build process.
# Environment variables that control make.rc:
# GOROOT_FINAL: The expected final Go root, baked into binaries.
# The default is the location of the Go tree during the build.
# GOHOSTARCH: The architecture for host tools (compilers and
# binaries). Binaries of this type must be executable on the current
# system, so the only common reason to set this is to set
# GOHOSTARCH=386 on an amd64 machine.
# GOARCH: The target architecture for installed packages and tools.
# GOOS: The target operating system for installed packages and tools.
# GO_GCFLAGS: Additional go tool compile arguments to use when
# building the packages and commands.
# GO_LDFLAGS: Additional go tool link arguments to use when
# building the commands.
# CGO_ENABLED: Controls cgo usage during the build. Set it to 1
# to include all cgo related files, .c and .go file with "cgo"
# build directive, in the build. Set it to 0 to ignore them.
rfork e
if(! test -f run.rc){
echo 'make.rc must be run from $GOROOT/src' >[1=2]
exit wrongdir
# Clean old generated file that will cause problems in the build.
rm -f ./runtime/runtime_defs.go
# Determine the host compiler toolchain.
eval `{grep '^(CC|LD|O)=' /$objtype/mkfile}
if(~ $1 -v) {
GOROOT = `{cd .. && pwd}
GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP = $home/go1.4
for(p in $path){
if(! test -x $GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP/bin/go){
if(go_exe = `{path=$p whatis go}){
goroot = `{GOROOT='' $go_exe env GOROOT}
if(! ~ $goroot $GOROOT){
if(! test -x $GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP/bin/go){
echo 'ERROR: Cannot find '$GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP'/bin/go.' >[1=2]
echo 'Set $GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP to a working Go tree >= Go 1.4.' >[1=2]
exit bootstrap
echo 'ERROR: $GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP must not be set to $GOROOT' >[1=2]
echo 'Set $GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP to a working Go tree >= Go 1.4.' >[1=2]
exit bootstrap
echo 'Building Go cmd/dist using '^$GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP
if(~ $#vflag 1)
echo cmd/dist
GOROOT=$GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP GOOS='' GOARCH='' $GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP/bin/go build -o cmd/dist/dist ./cmd/dist
eval `{./cmd/dist/dist env -9}
if(~ $#vflag 1)
if(~ $1 --dist-tool){
# Stop after building dist tool.
mkdir -p $GOTOOLDIR
if(! ~ $2 '')
cp cmd/dist/dist $2
mv cmd/dist/dist $GOTOOLDIR/dist
buildall = -a
if(~ $1 --no-clean) {
buildall = ()
# Run dist bootstrap to complete make.bash.
# Bootstrap installs a proper cmd/dist, built with the new toolchain.
# Throw ours, built with Go 1.4, away after bootstrap.
./cmd/dist/dist bootstrap $vflag $buildall $*
rm -f ./cmd/dist/dist
# The bootstrap+rm above are the final step of make.rc.
# If something must be added, add it to cmd/dist's cmdbootstrap,
# to avoid needing three copies in three different shell languages
# (make.bash, make.bat, make.rc).