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Go on iOS
To build a cross compiling toolchain for iOS on OS X, first modify
in misc/ios to match your setup. And then run:
GOARM=7 CGO_ENABLED=1 GOARCH=arm CC_FOR_TARGET=`pwd`/../misc/ios/ \
CXX_FOR_TARGET=`pwd`/../misc/ios/ ./make.bash
To build a program, use the normal go build command:
CGO_ENABLED=1 GOARCH=arm go build import/path
To run a program on an iDevice, first make sure you have a valid developer
certificate and have setup your iDevice properly to run apps signed by your
developer certificate. Then install
At a first step, you can try building the famous hello world program to run
on your test device.
(The needed files are provided at
# assume your program binary is helloworld.go, build it into the
# example bundle.
CGO_ENABLED=1 GOARCH=arm go build -o helloworld.go
# sign the executable using your developer certificate
codesign -f -s "iPhone Developer" --entitlements
# run the program inside lldb on iDevice, run `ios-deploy` for more
# command options
ios-deploy --debug --uninstall --bundle
# Depending on your ios-deploy version, you might need to enter "run"
# into lldb to run your program, and its output will be shown by lldb.
- A dummy bundle is provided in this directory to help you get started.
- Running the program on an iDevice requires code sign and thus external linking,
if your program uses cgo, then it will automatically use external linking.
However, if your program does not use cgo, please make sure to add
import _ "runtime/cgo"
so that external linking will be used.
Known issues
- crypto/x509 won't build, I don't yet know how to get system root on iOS.
- Because I still want to be able to do native build, CGO_ENABLED=1 is not the
default, yet.