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 # dev.go2go branch
+This branch provides an experimental go2go tool for testing the use of
+the generics design draft.
+This branch was published in 2020 and is no longer being maintained.
+The [generics
+has [been accepted](https://golang.org/issue/43651) and development is
+now focused on implementing the proposal in the ordinary Go tools.
+## Original README
 This branch contains a type checker and a translation tool for
 experimentation with generics in Go.
 This implements the [generics design draft](https://go.googlesource.com/proposal/+/refs/heads/master/design/go2draft-type-parameters.md).
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 // go2go is a command for trying out generic Go code.
 // It supports a small number of commands similar to cmd/go.
+// This tool was intended for experimental use during the development
+// of the generics proposal, and is no longer maintained.
 // Usage:
 //	go2go [options] <command> [go2go flags] [arguments]