cmd/compile: combine multiply/add into maddld on ppc64le/power9

Add a new lowering rule to match and replace such instances
with the MADDLD instruction available on power9 where

Likewise, this plumbs in a new ppc64 ssa opcode to house
the newly generated MADDLD instructions.

When testing ed25519, this reduced binary size by 936B.
Similarly, MADDLD combination occcurs in a few other less
obvious cases such as division by constant.

Testing of shows non-trivial
speedup during keygeneration:

name           old time/op  new time/op  delta
KeyGeneration  65.2µs ± 0%  63.1µs ± 0%  -3.19%
Signing        64.3µs ± 0%  64.4µs ± 0%  +0.16%
Verification    147µs ± 0%   147µs ± 0%  +0.11%

Similarly, this test binary has shrunk by 66488B.

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