debug/elf: support relocations relative to sections with non-zero addresses

commit 72ec930fa70c20ce69b21bf32a7916c04c2e9c2f added basic support for
relocations, but assumed that the symbol value would be 0, likely because
.debug_info always has address == 0 in the ELF section headers.

CL 195679 added further support for relocations, but explicitly encoded
the original assumption that section addresses would be 0.

This change removes that assumption: all relocations will now be
properly computed based on the target symbol value even when that symbol
is a section with a non-zero address.

Typically, sections that are part of a LOAD program segment have
non-zero addresses. For example, .debug_ranges relocations could be
relative to .text, which usually has an address > 0.

Fixes #40879

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