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// Copyright 2009 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package ir
import (
// Syms holds known symbols.
var Syms struct {
AssertE2I *obj.LSym
AssertE2I2 *obj.LSym
AssertI2I *obj.LSym
AssertI2I2 *obj.LSym
Deferproc *obj.LSym
DeferprocStack *obj.LSym
Deferreturn *obj.LSym
Duffcopy *obj.LSym
Duffzero *obj.LSym
GCWriteBarrier *obj.LSym
Goschedguarded *obj.LSym
Growslice *obj.LSym
Msanread *obj.LSym
Msanwrite *obj.LSym
Msanmove *obj.LSym
Newobject *obj.LSym
Newproc *obj.LSym
Panicdivide *obj.LSym
Panicshift *obj.LSym
PanicdottypeE *obj.LSym
PanicdottypeI *obj.LSym
Panicnildottype *obj.LSym
Panicoverflow *obj.LSym
Raceread *obj.LSym
Racereadrange *obj.LSym
Racewrite *obj.LSym
Racewriterange *obj.LSym
// Wasm
SigPanic *obj.LSym
Staticuint64s *obj.LSym
Typedmemclr *obj.LSym
Typedmemmove *obj.LSym
Udiv *obj.LSym
WriteBarrier *obj.LSym
Zerobase *obj.LSym
ARMHasVFPv4 *obj.LSym
X86HasFMA *obj.LSym
X86HasPOPCNT *obj.LSym
X86HasSSE41 *obj.LSym
// Wasm
WasmDiv *obj.LSym
// Wasm
WasmMove *obj.LSym
// Wasm
WasmZero *obj.LSym
// Wasm
WasmTruncS *obj.LSym
// Wasm
WasmTruncU *obj.LSym
// Pkgs holds known packages.
var Pkgs struct {
Go *types.Pkg
Itab *types.Pkg
Runtime *types.Pkg
Unsafe *types.Pkg