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Instructions to get an initial godoc running on a local app engine emulator
To run godoc under the app engine emulator, create a ("goroot") godoc
directory that contains the app.yaml file, the doc and lib directories
from the Go distribution, as well as a godoc directory with the godoc
sources from src/cmd/godoc. In the godoc source directory, replace
main.go with init.go. The directory structure should look as follows:
godoc // "goroot" directory
app.yaml // app engine control file
doc // goroot/doc directory
godoc // contains godoc sources
godoc.go // unchanged godoc file
init.go // this file instead of godoc/main.go
... // remaining godoc files
lib // goroot/lib directory
Run app engine emulator locally: -a <hostname> godoc
where godoc is the top-level "goroot" directory. The godoc home page
is then served at: <hostname>:8080 .