[release-branch.go1.9] all: merge master into release-branch.go1.9

579120323f runtime: mapassign_* should use typedmemmove to update keys
380525598c all: remove some manual hyphenation
f096b5b340 runtime: mark activeModules nosplit/nowritebarrier
3e3da54633 math/bits: fix example for OnesCount64
9b1e7cf2ac math/bits: add examples for OnesCount functions
b01db023b1 misc/cgo/testsanitizers: also skip tsan11/tsan12 when using GCC
a279b53a18 reflect: document how DeepEqual handles cycles
909f409a8d doc: mention handling of moved GOROOT in 1.9 release notes
58ad0176ca doc: use better wording to explain type-aware completion
92dac21d29 doc: replace paid with commercial
9bb98e02de doc/1.9: add CL 43712, ReverseProxy of HTTP/2 trailers to the release notes.
78d74fc2cd doc: clarify that Gogland is for paid IntelliJ platform IDEs
5495047223 doc/1.9: fix broken html link in CL 53030/53210
890e0e862f doc: fix bad link in go1.9 release notes
be596f049a doc/1.9: fix stray html in CL 53030
0173631d53 encoding/binary: add examples for varint functions
ac0ccf3cd2 doc/1.9: add CL 36696 for crypto/x509 to the release notes
cc402c2c4d doc: hide blog content for golang.google.cn
f396fa4285 internal/poll: don't add non-sockets to runtime poller
664cd26c89 cmd/vet: don't exit with failure on type checking error
a8730cd93a doc: hide video and share if being served from CN
b63db76c4a testsanitizers: check that tsan program runs, skip tsan10 on gcc
193eda7291 time: skip ZoneAbbr test in timezones with no abbreviation
6f08c935a9 cmd/go: show examples with empty output in go test -list
f20944de78 cmd/compile: set/unset base register for better assembly print
623e2c4603 runtime: map bitmap and spans during heap initialization
780249eed4 runtime: fall back to small mmaps if we fail to grow reservation
31b2c4cc25 .github: add .md extension to SUPPORT file
ac29f30dbb plugin: mention that there are known bugs with plugins
45a4609c0a cmd/dist: skip moved GOROOT on Go's Windows builders when not sharding tests
e157fac02d test: add README
835dfef939 runtime/pprof: prevent a deadlock that SIGPROF might create on mips{,le}
df91b8044d doc: list editor options by name, not plugin name
3d9475c04b doc: cleanup editor page
b9661a14ea doc: add Atom to editor guide
ee392ac10c cmd/compile: consider exported flag in namedata

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