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Copyright 2011 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
godoc on appengine
* Go appengine SDK 1.5.5 - 2011-10-11
* Go sources at tip under $GOROOT
Directory structure
* Let $APPDIR be the directory containing the app engine files.
(e.g., $APPDIR=$HOME/godoc-app)
* $APPDIR contains the following entries (this may change depending on
app-engine release and version of godoc):
* The app.yaml file is set up per app engine documentation.
For instance:
application: godoc-app
version: 1-5-5
runtime: go
api_version: 3
- url: /.*
script: _go_app
* The godoc/ directory contains a copy of the files under $GOROOT/src/cmd/godoc
with modifications:
- doc.go is excluded (it belongs to pseudo-package ÒdocumentationÓ)
- main.go is excluded (appinit.go is taking its place)
Additional manual modifications are required to refer to the alt/ packages
where the app-engine library is not up-to-date with the godoc version.
* The alt/ directory contains up-to-date copies of Go packages that a tip-based
godoc is dependent on but which do not yet exist in the current app-engine SDK.
At the time of this writing (10/14/2011) this is the entire go directory tree
(for the missing FileSet serialization code in go/token) as well as the
index/suffixarray package (for the missing suffix array serialization code).
The latest (alt/)index/suffixarray package internally requires the latest
version of encoding/binary, which is why it also needs to be present under
Configuring and running godoc
To configure godoc, run
bash setup-godoc-app.bash
to create the, index.split.*, and godoc/appconfig.go files
based on $GOROOT and $APPDIR. See the script for details on usage.
To run godoc locally, using the app-engine emulator, run
<path to google_appengine>/ $APPDIR
godoc should come up at http://localhost:8080 .