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// Copyright 2009 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef EXTERN
#define EXTERN extern
#include "../gc/go.h"
#include "../8l/8.out.h"
typedef struct Addr Addr;
struct Addr
int32 offset;
int32 offset2;
double dval;
Prog* branch;
char sval[NSNAME];
Sym* gotype;
Sym* sym;
Node* node;
int width;
uchar type;
uchar index;
uchar etype;
uchar scale; /* doubles as width in DATA op */
uchar pun; /* dont register variable */
#define A ((Addr*)0)
struct Prog
short as; // opcode
uint32 loc; // pc offset in this func
uint32 lineno; // source line that generated this
Addr from; // src address
Addr to; // dst address
Prog* link; // next instruction in this func
void* reg; // pointer to containing Reg struct
// foptoas flags
Frev = 1<<0,
Fpop = 1<<1,
Fpop2 = 1<<2,
EXTERN int32 dynloc;
EXTERN uchar reg[D_NONE];
EXTERN int32 pcloc; // instruction counter
EXTERN Strlit emptystring;
extern char* anames[];
EXTERN Prog zprog;
EXTERN Node* newproc;
EXTERN Node* deferproc;
EXTERN Node* deferreturn;
EXTERN Node* panicindex;
EXTERN Node* panicslice;
EXTERN Node* throwreturn;
EXTERN int maxstksize;
extern uint32 unmappedzero;
* ggen.c
void compile(Node*);
void proglist(void);
void gen(Node*);
Node* lookdot(Node*, Node*, int);
void cgen_as(Node*, Node*);
void cgen_callmeth(Node*, int);
void cgen_callinter(Node*, Node*, int);
void cgen_proc(Node*, int);
void cgen_callret(Node*, Node*);
void cgen_div(int, Node*, Node*, Node*);
void cgen_bmul(int, Node*, Node*, Node*);
void cgen_shift(int, Node*, Node*, Node*);
void cgen_dcl(Node*);
int needconvert(Type*, Type*);
void genconv(Type*, Type*);
void allocparams(void);
void checklabels();
void ginscall(Node*, int);
* cgen.c
void agen(Node*, Node*);
void agenr(Node *n, Node *a, Node *res);
void igen(Node*, Node*, Node*);
vlong fieldoffset(Type*, Node*);
void bgen(Node*, int, Prog*);
void sgen(Node*, Node*, int32);
void gmove(Node*, Node*);
Prog* gins(int, Node*, Node*);
int samaddr(Node*, Node*);
void naddr(Node*, Addr*, int);
void cgen_aret(Node*, Node*);
int cgen_inline(Node*, Node*);
Node* ncon(uint32);
void mgen(Node*, Node*, Node*);
void mfree(Node*);
* cgen64.c
void cmp64(Node*, Node*, int, Prog*);
void cgen64(Node*, Node*);
* gsubr.c
void clearp(Prog*);
void proglist(void);
Prog* gbranch(int, Type*);
Prog* prog(int);
void gaddoffset(Node*);
void gconv(int, int);
int conv2pt(Type*);
vlong convvtox(vlong, int);
void fnparam(Type*, int, int);
Prog* gop(int, Node*, Node*, Node*);
void setconst(Addr*, vlong);
void setaddr(Addr*, Node*);
int optoas(int, Type*);
int foptoas(int, Type*, int);
void ginit(void);
void gclean(void);
void regalloc(Node*, Type*, Node*);
void regfree(Node*);
Node* nodarg(Type*, int);
void nodreg(Node*, Type*, int);
void nodindreg(Node*, Type*, int);
void nodconst(Node*, Type*, int64);
void gconreg(int, vlong, int);
void datagostring(Strlit*, Addr*);
void datastring(char*, int, Addr*);
void buildtxt(void);
Plist* newplist(void);
int isfat(Type*);
void sudoclean(void);
int sudoaddable(int, Node*, Addr*);
int dotaddable(Node*, Node*);
void afunclit(Addr*);
void split64(Node*, Node*, Node*);
void splitclean(void);
void nswap(Node*, Node*);
* cplx.c
int complexop(Node*, Node*);
void complexmove(Node*, Node*);
void complexgen(Node*, Node*);
void complexbool(int, Node*, Node*, int, Prog*);
* list.c
int Aconv(Fmt*);
int Dconv(Fmt*);
int Pconv(Fmt*);
int Rconv(Fmt*);
int Yconv(Fmt*);
void listinit(void);
void zaddr(Biobuf*, Addr*, int, int);
#pragma varargck type "D" Addr*
#pragma varargck type "lD" Addr*