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// Copyright 2011 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#define N SigNotify
#define K SigKill
#define T SigThrow
#define P SigPanic
#define E SigGoExit
// Incoming notes are compared against this table using strncmp, so the
// order matters: longer patterns must appear before their prefixes.
// There are #defined SIG constants in os_plan9.h for the table index of
// some of these.
// If you add entries to this table, you must respect the prefix ordering
// and also update the constant values is os_plan9.h.
SigTab runtime·sigtab[] = {
// Traps that we cannot be recovered.
T, "sys: trap: debug exception",
T, "sys: trap: invalid opcode",
// We can recover from some memory errors in runtime·sigpanic.
P, "sys: trap: fault read addr", // SIGRFAULT
P, "sys: trap: fault write addr", // SIGWFAULT
// We can also recover from math errors.
P, "sys: trap: divide error", // SIGINTDIV
P, "sys: fp:", // SIGFLOAT
// All other traps are normally handled as if they were marked SigThrow.
// We mark them SigPanic here so that debug.SetPanicOnFault will work.
P, "sys: trap:", // SIGTRAP
// Writes to a closed pipe can be handled if desired, otherwise they're ignored.
N, "sys: write on closed pipe",
// Other system notes are more serious and cannot be recovered.
T, "sys:",
// Issued to all other procs when calling runtime·exit.
E, "go: exit ",
// Kill is sent by external programs to cause an exit.
K, "kill",
// Interrupts can be handled if desired, otherwise they cause an exit.
N+K, "interrupt",
N+K, "hangup",
// Alarms can be handled if desired, otherwise they're ignored.
N, "alarm",
#undef N
#undef K
#undef T
#undef P
#undef E