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// Copyright 2012 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Definitions related to data race detection.
#ifdef RACE
enum { raceenabled = 1 };
enum { raceenabled = 0 };
// Initialize race detection subsystem.
uintptr runtime·raceinit(void);
// Finalize race detection subsystem, does not return.
void runtime·racefini(void);
void runtime·racemapshadow(void *addr, uintptr size);
void runtime·racemalloc(void *p, uintptr sz);
uintptr runtime·racegostart(void *pc);
void runtime·racegoend(void);
void runtime·racewritepc(void *addr, void *callpc, void *pc);
void runtime·racereadpc(void *addr, void *callpc, void *pc);
void runtime·racewriterangepc(void *addr, uintptr sz, void *callpc, void *pc);
void runtime·racereadrangepc(void *addr, uintptr sz, void *callpc, void *pc);
void runtime·racereadobjectpc(void *addr, Type *t, void *callpc, void *pc);
void runtime·racewriteobjectpc(void *addr, Type *t, void *callpc, void *pc);
void runtime·racefingo(void);
void runtime·raceacquire(void *addr);
void runtime·raceacquireg(G *gp, void *addr);
void runtime·racerelease(void *addr);
void runtime·racereleaseg(G *gp, void *addr);
void runtime·racereleasemerge(void *addr);
void runtime·racereleasemergeg(G *gp, void *addr);