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// Copyright 2014 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#define SS_DISABLE 2
#define SIG_BLOCK 1
#define SIG_UNBLOCK 2
#define SIG_SETMASK 3
typedef uintptr kevent_udata;
struct sigaction;
void runtime·sigpanic(void);
void runtime·setitimer(int32, Itimerval*, Itimerval*);
void runtime·sigaction(int32, struct Sigaction*, struct Sigaction*);
void runtime·sigaltstack(Sigaltstack*, Sigaltstack*);
void runtime·sigprocmask(int32, Sigset*, Sigset*);
void runtime·unblocksignals(void);
int32 runtime·sysctl(uint32*, uint32, byte*, uintptr*, byte*, uintptr);
#define NSIG 73 /* number of signals in runtime·SigTab array */
#define SI_USER 0
void runtime·raisesigpipe(void);
void runtime·setsig(int32, void(*)(int32, Siginfo*, void*, G*), bool);
void runtime·sighandler(int32 sig, Siginfo *info, void *context, G *gp);
void runtime·sigpanic(void);
#define _UC_SIGMASK 0x01
#define _UC_CPU 0x04
#define RLIMIT_AS 10
typedef struct Rlimit Rlimit;
struct Rlimit {
int64 rlim_cur;
int64 rlim_max;
int32 runtime·getrlimit(int32, Rlimit*);
// Call a library function with SysV conventions,
// and switch to os stack during the call.
#pragma varargck countpos runtime·sysvicall6 2
#pragma varargck type runtime·sysvicall6 uintptr
#pragma varargck type runtime·sysvicall6 int32
void runtime·asmsysvicall6(void *c);
uintptr runtime·sysvicall6(uintptr fn, int32 count, ...);
void runtime·miniterrno(void *fn);