[release-branch.go1.17] update codereview.cfg for release-branch.go1.17

The initial "branch: master" configuration was inherited from when
the release-branch.go1.17 branch was branched off the master branch.
Update the "branch" key, otherwise a modern git-codereview will mail
CLs to the wrong branch.

We can set "parent-branch" so that 'git codereview sync-branch' works
to merge latest master into release-branch.go1.17, something we want
to do for subsequent RCs, maybe up to the final release. (At some point
the release freeze will end and tree will open for Go 1.18 development,
so we'll be switching to using cherry-picks only. Having parent-branch
will not be useful then, but I think harmless.)

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Reviewed-by: Heschi Kreinick <heschi@google.com>
Trust: Dmitri Shuralyov <dmitshur@golang.org>
1 file changed
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