[release-branch.go1.21] all: merge master (b7e7467) into release-branch.go1.21

Merge List:

+ 2023-06-15 b7e7467865 test/codegen: add fsqrt test for riscv64
+ 2023-06-15 befec5ddbb text/template: set variables correctly in range assignment
+ 2023-06-15 c5463218a2 cmd/api: skip TestIssue29837 when -short is set
+ 2023-06-15 9fc84363d1 cmd/asm: fix encoding errors for FMOVD and FMOVS instructions on arm64
+ 2023-06-14 da94586aa3 cmd/go: check for errors reading gccgo package list
+ 2023-06-14 b01cd41b46 cmd/go: use gover.Local for $goversion in TestScript
+ 2023-06-14 3aea422e2c crypto/x509: use synthetic root for platform testing

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