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// compile
// Copyright 2022 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package main
type T1 struct {
A T5
B T2
C T7
D T4
type T2 struct {
A float64
E float64
C float64
type T3 struct {
F float64
G float64
H float64
I float64
J float64
K float64
L float64
type T4 struct {
M float64
N float64
O float64
P float64
type T5 struct {
Q float64
R float64
S float64
T float64
U float64
V float64
type T6 struct {
C T10
type T7 struct {
type T8 struct {
C T7
type T9 struct {
A T5
B T3
D T4
type T10 struct {
W float64
type T11 struct {
X float64
Y float64
func MainTest(x T1, y T8, z T6) float64 {
return Test(x.B, x.A, x.D, x.C, y.B, y.A, y.D, y.C, z.B, z.A, z.D,
T10: T10{
W: z.C.W,
T11: T11{},
func Test(a T2, b T5, c T4, d T7, e T3, f T5, g T4, h T7, i T3, j T5, k T4, l T7) float64