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// errorcheck
// Copyright 2020 The Go Authors. All rights reserved. Use of this
// source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be found in
// the LICENSE file.
package p
type T1 struct { // ERROR "invalid recursive type T1\n\tLINE: T1 refers to\n\tLINE+4: T2 refers to\n\tLINE: T1$|invalid recursive type"
f2 T2
type T2 struct { // GCCGO_ERROR "invalid recursive type"
f1 T1
type a b // GCCGO_ERROR "invalid recursive type"
type b c // ERROR "invalid recursive type b\n\tLINE: b refers to\n\tLINE+1: c refers to\n\tLINE: b$|invalid recursive type"
type c b // GCCGO_ERROR "invalid recursive type"
type d e
type e f
type f f // ERROR "invalid recursive type f\n\tLINE: f refers to\n\tLINE: f$|invalid recursive type"
type g struct { // ERROR "invalid recursive type g\n\tLINE: g refers to\n\tLINE: g$|invalid recursive type"
h struct {
type w x
type x y // ERROR "invalid recursive type x\n\tLINE: x refers to\n\tLINE+1: y refers to\n\tLINE+2: z refers to\n\tLINE: x$|invalid recursive type"
type y struct{ z } // GCCGO_ERROR "invalid recursive type"
type z [10]x
type w2 w // refer to the type loop again